• Investments

    We assess global opportunities with a keen focus on Asia. Our ambition is to back and support technology leaders that create a lasting impact on the ecosystem.

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    Bio Tech

    We believe in backing innovation focused on improving medical access to the under-served and advancements into new delivery methods within the healthcare landscape.


    End consumers are the key beneficiaries of tech adoption through operational efficiency gains and the overall boost in the quality of medical delivery.

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    Fin Tech

    New world financial services alleviate the pain points of traditional systems and re-defines the operating model. Processes become more accurate and effective even as they get leaner.


    Data driven insights support the continued strengthening of financial system integrity through improved risk management.

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    Consumer Tech

    Just as the internet economy created a different way forward for the consumption of products and services, mobile is now supplementing that with the ubiquity of smartphones.


    We believe that winners are those that intelligently leverage consumer insights to pre-empt their preferences and keep them captive.